Once you have registered on HyStats by entering your playername, we update your stats every 24 hours. That allows us to provide you detailed information like Daily KD, weekly kills, or graphs that track your progress.
By becoming a Patreon you can manually update profiles / your profile can be updated every hour.
We currently support the biggest PvP gamemodes of Hypixel, being Bedwars, SkyWars and The Pit as well as Duels, Murder Mystery and UHC Champions. Further, the gamemodes Mega Walls and Paintball are supported. We will work on bringing more gamemodes to HyStats over time.
Our service is entirely free and we try to finance our hardware cost through advertisements.
Please be aware that your statistics are only updated every 24 hours, and thus we can only provide current numbers in that timeframe. To see when your last update has occured, see the top right corner of your page.
This is a feature on our TODO list. Please be patient while we are implementing those features over time.
Feel free to contact us with your suggestions. We will come back to you shortly.
If you recently changed your name, try to enter your UUID instead of your name. You can find your UUID on namemc.com. If that doesn't help please contact us.
Please contact us. We will come back to you as soon as possible.
Our goal at HyStats is to provide the most accurate stats and leaderboards. Therefore, we do not remove individuals from our leaderboards. There is currently no user who is excluded from any leaderboard.

We have continuously been in contact with players claiming they are getting sniped in-game due to our website, but have figured out in those talks, that if you're getting sniped in-game, this is probably due to certain API settings you have enabled, that show you're online and what game you are playing. You can find those in the "My Profile" settings in-game. Additionally, snipers use the normal Hypixel API response to determine whether you are online and even what game you are playing, which you cannot turn off, but they do not use HyStats as our data is up to 24 hours old. Currently, we are not aware of any methods that HyStats could be used for malicious purposes like exposing nicks or sniping games. Other websites like Plancke have way more up-to-date information than we do, considering we only update normal profiles every 24 hours. If you have any concerns on how HyStats data could be used for sniping or other illegitimate means, feel free to reach out to our support email anytime.

Further, if we were removing individuals from the leaderboard, we would have to remove the leaderboards as an entirety, because otherwise certain players have an unfair advantage over other players that have not been removed and are publicly known. The only countermeasure would be to remove all good players, which would defeat our service of providing Hypixel leaderboards. This policy follows the the most used Hypixel leaderboards policies, those on the Hypixel website and Plancke, which you cannot be removed from. If a player has been registered to HyStats it means they are known to whoever signed them up and therefore will be tracked from our service. If a player is known they can also be tracked by other ways as mentioned earlier.

If you have any questions about this policy feel free to reach out to us and we will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible.
The leaderboards are updated every 15 minutes taking into consideration your last daily KD that was found on your account. Note that your account is only updated once every 24h, you can see when on your player page. That last daily KD that was calculated when your account was last updated is taken into consideration. A new feature we offer is change indicators. They show how your position changed compared to your position on that specific leaderboard yesterday. A new day for us begins at 0:00 UTC.
For the general K/D that shows on the general leaderboards and on the general player page the kills and deaths from all games except The Pit are taken into consideration. For Bedwars and Mega Walls the Final K/D is used. For the general W/L the wins and losses from SkyWars, Bedwars, Duels, Murder Mystery and Mega Walls are used, as other gamemodes don't offer exact tracking methods for a W/L.
To track your SkyBlock skills you need to make this data public in your SkyBlock settings. First, click the nether star in your hotbar to open the SkyBlock menu. Then click "Settings" (the redstone torch), API settings (the redstone comparator) and activate the corresponding fields.
To track your SkyBlock skills you need to make this data public in your SkyBlock settings. First, click the nether star in your hotbar to open the SkyBlock menu. Then click "Settings" (the redstone torch), Island settings (the redstone repeater) and activate activate the banking API (gold ingot).